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We Are Here to Help: How to Refer a Patient to Veritas Collaborative

We Are Here to Help

At Veritas Collaborative, we envision a world in which all persons with eating disorders, their families, and their communities have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure.

Helping your patient navigate eating disorder treatment can be a difficult thing to do. We are here to help you and your patient determine the right level of care to begin their journey to recovery. With the ability to diagnose and determine if a higher level of care is needed, our team is able to work collaboratively to get your patient into treatment quickly.

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Our facilities offer gender-diverse, inclusive eating disorder treatment at inpatient, acute residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of care. We are proud to offer access to a full suite of care services at our locations in North Carolina and Georgia so your patient can experience our continuum of eating disorder care closer to home.

We believe in treating to outcome, irrespective of resource, and we will work diligently with your patient’s insurance provider to help them understand the care your patient will need along the way. We will look into the details of your patient’s insurance plan on their behalf and prepare an estimated financial projection for their review prior to admission.

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With your patient’s permission, we will keep you and their other outpatient treatment providers updated on their progress and, when the time comes, work with you to ensure that you have the resources you need to help your patient maintain recovery in their home environment. Our partnership with you begins when you reach out to a member of our team, but it does not end when your patient walks out our doors.

We’re here because we’ve seen the possibility of recovery become a reality time and time again. We’ve seen life and light return to the eyes of individuals who are on the road to complete recovery. As their current provider, you are an expert on your patient. With your help, we can create that possibility for your patient.

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Help your patient take the next step:

At Veritas, we are honored to be a part of a collaborative eating disorder community working together to save lives.