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Mindy Elliott, Hospital Education Manager

Mindy Elliott

Director, Education and Quality Programming

Mindy comes to Veritas Collaborative with a passion for working with students. She was our original Education Coordinator and has developed our academic programming since we opened in 2012. Mindy manages the education and vocation departments in our facilities and is dedicated to providing individualized education and vocation services to meet the unique needs of each patient during treatment.

A leader in the hospital educator field, Mindy serves on the executive board of The Hospital Educator and Academic Liaison Association (HEAL), the North American organization supporting professionals who work to improve the educational outcomes for students with medical and mental health needs. Mindy is also an Associate Editor of the international journal, Continuity in Education, focusing on the education of children and young people with medical and mental health needs.

At Veritas Collaborative, Mindy and the Education Department work with an adolescent patient’s home school to enable a continuation of academic progress. The main goal is to set the framework for a smooth transition back to the student’s home school. The education team is excited to get to know each of our patients and create a nurturing environment for them to continue learning through treatment.

Mindy and her team also focus on removing college and work barriers to entering and staying in treatment. In addition to assisting adult patients in navigating college and employment issues while in treatment, the Education and Vocation Department works to build hope and skills for a productive future in recovery by offering Life Skills Groups for our adult patients.

Mindy taught middle school, high school, and community college English in California and North Carolina. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English at San Diego State University and completed graduate coursework in education at East Carolina University and Duke University. In 2012, she earned a specialized certification in teaching academically and intellectually gifted students through Duke University, and in 2014, Mindy became a National Board Certified Teacher in Exceptional Needs/Gifted and Talented.