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Acute Residential

For individuals who need around-the-clock care

Acute Residential care provides a structured, around-the-clock treatment environment that comprises both individual and group therapies. Residential is suitable for individuals who are medically stable, but are in need of 24-hour behavioral and medical supervision.

What is Acute Residential Care?

Acute residential care can serve as a starting point on an individual’s journey of recovery or their next step after inpatient care. Our daily individual, group, and community of support programming is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)-informed and includes eating disorder specific-internal medicine and direct psychiatric support as well as moderate Therapeutic Assistant supervision. Additional residential treatment programs include individual, specialized support from a multidisciplinary team comprising a medical provider, psychiatrist, registered dietitian, and psychotherapist. This treatment team remains with the individual for the duration of their recovery journey at Veritas.

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • Culinary & Mindfulness Training

  • Meal & Interpersonal Processing

  • Family/Community of Support Coping Skills & Preparation

  • Therapeutic & Restaurant Outings

  • Expressive Art & Movement Therapy (hands-on)

  • 24-hour Nursing Care