Intensive Outpatient

A flexible evening treatment environment

Intensive outpatient care is primarily group-based and occurs three times per week with an opportunity for individualized medical and dietetic treatment. IOP is suitable for individuals who are medically stable and in need of structure and support to maintain sound trajectories toward eating disorder recovery.

What is IOP Care?

Intensive outpatient care can bridge an individual’s recovery journey from partial hospitalization to outpatient care or be their first step forward. Our weekly group and community of support programming is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)-informed and includes medical monitoring. Our optional individualized programming can include psychiatric assessments and medication maintenance support as well as therapy sessions with an eating disorder psychotherapist and/or registered dietitian. Individuals admitted to IOP benefit from a schedule that facilitates recovery close to home and close to those who matter most.

  • Multifamily/Multicommunity Therapy & Meals

  • Parent/Community of Support Processing

  • Family/Community of Support Recovery Workshop

  • Meal Processing

  • Family/Community of Support Coping Skills & Preparation

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