Level Of Care Assessment

The right level of care at the right time

Level of care assessments often occur at the outset of an individual's recovery journey and help determine where in the Veritas Collaborative continuum of care each unique person should begin. LOC assessments are suitable for individuals who need multidisciplinary guidance to determine their next best steps toward eating disorder recovery.

What is a LOC Assessment?

Level of care assessments are often the entry point for an individual’s recovery journey. Conducted by our multidisciplinary treatment team of certified eating disorder specialists, these assessments¬†are medically-based and help ensure that individuals with known or suspected eating disorders are receiving the right level of care at the right time. Individuals who receive LOC assessments benefit from a streamlined admissions process and assurance that they are set up for success in long-term recovery.

Our level of care recommendation is given after a thorough multidisciplinary assessment:

  • Physical Examination

  • Clinical Evaluation

  • Nutrition Assessment

  • EKG

  • Lab Work

  • Level of Care Recommendation

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