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Treatment Programs

Recovery starts with the right level of care at the right time.

Eating disorders are serious illnesses, and like other serious illnesses, they respond best to prompt and decisive treatment. We now know that starting treatment at the level of care that’s appropriate for each person promotes lasting recovery and minimizes the irreversible damage eating disorders can cause. Our comprehensive level of care assessment helps us determine what that level of care should be—and our dedicated eating disorder health system ensures we can deliver it.

Our Approach to Care

At Veritas, we know we’re not just treating eating disorders; we’re treating people, and we never lose sight of that. Our treatment model is designed to meet you wherever you are in your recovery journey, at whatever stage of life, and to help you and your community of support develop the skills needed for lasting recovery.

We follow clinical best practices at all levels of care, and we consistently “treat to outcomes,” which simply means that our therapies, and the manner in which we provide them, have been shown to increase your likelihood of a positive outcome. Our belief in the power of collaboration is evident in the way we work, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals to address the medical, nutritional, and behavioral issues caused by eating disorders.

We personalize each care plan to take into account not only the type and severity of your eating disorder, but also your personality, your response to past treatment, your family and social situation, and any special demands life may be placing on you (school, career, children).

We work to remove any barriers—practical, emotional, or financial—that may come between you and the treatment you need. We also anticipate and address the challenges you’re likely to face when you transition out of treatment and back to your daily life.

While every situation and care plan is different, our goal is always the same: to give you and your loved ones the most effective treatment possible, and the greatest chance of success.

Core Program Elements

While every treatment plan is different, these elements have been shown to promote recovery, and form the core of every plan. LEARN MORE>

Levels of Care

As a comprehensive healthcare system, Veritas is one of the few eating disorder programs in the nation that’s able to offer a full continuum of care, from inpatient to outpatient. In addition, medical assessment clinics are available to determine each person’s unique needs, including the optimal starting level of care—because starting the right treatment at the right time is the key to lasting recovery. Learn More >

Our Programs