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Multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Assessment Clinic

The first step to recovery is knowledge.

Do you or your loved one even have an eating disorder? If so, which one—and how severe is it? These are the fundamental questions we seek to answer through our Multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Assessment. The assessment helps us determine the type of care you need and the optimal place to start—because starting treatment at the right level of care is the key to lasting recovery.

Levels of Care

We begin treatment at the level most appropriate for each individual’s needs.


About the Veritas Multi-Disciplinary Eating Disorder (MED) Assessment Clinic

Do I have an eating disorder or something else? Veritas Collaborative offers in-person Multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Assessments to diagnose eating disorders and other conditions that may require additional treatment. Our team of Medical Specialists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, and Dietitians have recognized expertise in the treatment of eating disorders. Their assessments are used to determine next steps, including facilitation of treatment at the optimal level of care—because starting the right treatment at the right time is the key to lasting recovery. We meet you where you are. By providing access to all levels of care from inpatient to outpatient, we can truly advise individuals to begin their journey at the level of care most appropriate for their current clinical situation.

“At our Multidisciplinary Eating Disorder Assessment clinic, we start with no assumptions. We ask questions and we listen. An in-person evaluation gives the team, and the patient and family, a chance to collect additional information and provide clarity about next steps.” —Dr. Anna Tanner, VP of Medical Services, Veritas Collaborative