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Eating Disorder Treatment Services

A place for healing, a place for hope.

Eating disorders are isolating, but recovery doesn’t have to be. At Veritas Collaborative, we understand the profound challenges of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, ARFID, OSFED, and related conditions. With personalized treatment services to suit almost any age or situation, we’re here to help you find the care you need.

Explore our eating disorder treatment centers and get started on the path to healing. Take the first step by calling 855-875-5812 today.

Child & Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment Program

The care we offer young people is designed for the unique needs of the early stages of life. Our eating disorder treatment specialists are attuned to the school and family dynamics that are often closely tied to an individual’s relationship to food. That’s why we integrate educational support into our eating disorder treatment plans for children and adolescents. We help young people progress in their education while in treatment and prepare them for the challenges of returning to school in recovery. 

We also encourage family involvement in the recovery process. Loved ones can have a profound impact on how we eat and how we view ourselves. We strive to empower parents, siblings, and extended family to be allies in eating disorder recovery.

Adult Eating Disorder Treatment Program

Veritas Collaborative provides whole-person care through a collaborative community of support to help you get your life back from your eating disorder. You are not your illness. Our eating disorder treatment program for adults gives you the tools to identify and change disordered behaviors and thoughts. 

With a dedicated multidisciplinary care team, you’ll have access to a wide variety of treatment components. Key program elements include individual, group, and family therapy, culinary and nutritional programming, expressive arts and movement therapy, and off-site restaurant and therapeutic outings. Our holistic approach and evidence-based therapies can set you on a path to long-term recovery from your eating disorder.

Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment

We offer treatment for eating disorders online for those without immediate access to our brick-and-mortar treatment centers, as well as those who find virtual care a better fit for their lifestyle. Our virtual program connects you with your treatment team wherever you are. From the comfort of home, you can access a comprehensive range of services, including nutrition counseling, medical consultations, psychiatric sessions, therapeutic meals, and individual, group, and family therapy. Our dedicated team of eating disorder specialists tailors your care to the level you’d receive in our in-person treatment centers. At Veritas Collaborative, distance doesn’t lessen our commitment to making you feel supported and seen. You are never too far to receive the care you need.