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Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Medical stabilization and expert care for young people struggling with an eating disorder.

Veritas Collaborative’s inpatient programming for eating disorders is structured, highly monitored, around-the-clock treatment that integrates medical care and both individual and group therapies. Inpatient care is suitable for children and adolescents who require daily medical interaction, are medically unstable, and/or have another significant co-morbid psychiatric condition (such as depression) whose symptoms may interfere with their participation in a lower level of care. Veritas is one of the nation’s only eating disorder programs able to treat young people who require this level of intensive care.

Components of Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Inpatient care is Veritas’ highest level of care and is often the first step in a child or adolescent’s recovery journey when medical stabilization is necessary. Our inpatient treatment provides 24/7 care and supervision, with a focus on interrupting and changing harmful eating disorder behaviors. At Veritas, our treatment approach is dynamic and personalized. Each child and adolescent in our inpatient programming receives an individualized, evidence-based treatment and discharge plan, supervised and carried out by our compassionate, qualified, and experienced multidisciplinary care teams. Inpatient treatment includes:

  • Individualized support from a multidisciplinary team consisting of a medical provider, a psychiatrist, a registered dietitian, and a child psychotherapist, all trained in providing specialty eating disorder care to child and adolescent populations
  • A focus on physical health, psychiatric health, and weight stabilization/restoration, as necessary
  • Daily individual and group, skills-based programming informed by dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Pediatric medical and dietary treatment of eating disorder
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Regular supervision from therapeutic assistants 
  • Education sessions
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), to learn how to tolerate uncomfortable emotions while building a life outside of disordered eating  
  • Therapeutic meals and snacks with exposure to a variety of food experiences
  • Yoga and mindfulness therapies
  • Support for co-occurring conditions/other concerns
  • Integrated education 
  • Family-based treatment (FBT), including family/community of support coping and relapse prevention skills 
  • Expressive arts and yoga therapy 
  • Coordination of discharge into the recommended level of care

Overview of IP/Res Treatment for Children & Adolescents – Download PDF

The Role of Families in Child and Adolescent Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

If you are considering inpatient treatment for your child, you’re probably feeling a whole host of emotions—perhaps even helplessness. Starting treatment is a courageous step, and you have the opportunity to play an active role in your child’s recovery. At Veritas Collaborative, we find that children and adolescents respond better to eating disorder care when their family is involved. Research supports this, too. In fact, family-based treatment (FBT) is the leading evidence-based treatment for young people with eating disorders. That’s why we encourage parents, siblings, and extended family to participate in their loved one’s recovery. With the ongoing support of our FBT-trained professionals, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to support your child’s renourishment, help curtail eating disorder behaviors, address and overcome any stumbling blocks, and bring awareness and resilience to potential triggers. FBT incorporates families as recovery allies across its three phases: 

  1. Reducing eating disorder symptoms, ensuring nourishment, and restoring weight (when needed)
  2. Empowering the child to take an active role in their eating
  3. Cultivating a healthy identity separate from food and body 

You can help your child regain balance. FBT is more than simply refeeding your loved one; it’s about viewing yourself as your child’s best resource for recovery and empowering you to help your child and family build a life worth living outside of the eating disorder. You are not to blame for your loved one’s eating disorder, nor are you helpless in their recovery from it. 

To start learning more today, view our Resources for Families materials, explore our family-focused blogs and Peace Meal podcast episodes, and read our responses to common questions from families about Veritas Collaborative’s eating disorder treatment. Allow yourself some time to make sense of what you and your child are experiencing. Remember, you are never alone.

    Inpatient Programs for Children and Adolescents at Veritas Collaborative

    Child & Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment

    Individualized best-practice care tailored to the unique needs of children and adolescents, ages 17 and under, provided in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment.

    Locations Providing Inpatient Eating Disorder Care for Children and Adolescents

    Durham center bedroom

    North Carolina

    RTP – Durham, NC

    Eating Disorder Treatment Center

    IP, Res 

    Child • Adolescent • Adult

    Ages 8 & up (IP)

    Ages 8–17 (Res) 

    Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
    4024 Stirrup Creek Drive, Durham, NC 27703

    Atlanta Child Adolescent Young Adult Center lobby


    Atlanta, GA

    Eating Disorder Treatment Center

    IP, Res, PHP, IOP, OP

    Child • Adolescent • Adult

    Ages 8–24 (IP) 

    Ages 8 & up (Res, PHP, IOP, OP)

    Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
    41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 250, Dunwoody, GA 30346