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Virtual Outpatient Treatment

Care that keeps you connected.

Call 855-875-5812 to get help with an eating disorder.

Virtual outpatient care occurs weekly, biweekly, or on an as-needed basis, depending on the unique needs of each person. This level of care is suitable for individuals who are medically stable and in need of expert treatment to continue their progress toward eating disorder recovery.

Components of Virtual Outpatient Treatment

Virtual outpatient eating disorder care is our lowest level of care and provides a supportive environment to ensure an individual’s continued recovery. Appointments can be scheduled on an as-needed basis with any of our specialists. We’re here to supplement the work you, your current care team, and your family and community of support are already doing.

Eating Disorder Care-No Matter When, No Matter Where

In today’s digital age, accessibility to healthcare services has evolved dramatically. Virtual treatment options have emerged as a convenient and effective way to receive care. At Veritas Collaborative, we understand the importance of providing accessible and comprehensive care to individuals seeking support in their recovery journey. Virtual treatment allows people the chance to heal, no matter the particularities of their schedule or their distance from an eating disorder treatment center.

Personalized Care from the Comfort of Your Home

One of the key advantages of virtual outpatient treatment for an eating disorder is the ability to receive personalized care from the comfort of your home. Our experienced healthcare professionals tailor treatment plans to meet individual needs, making recovery attainable and convenient.

We offer individual, family, and group outpatient services through our partner Gather Behavioral Health. Find a virtual outpatient provider today. 

Virtual Outpatient Services through Gather Behavioral Health

Virtual Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Best-practice virtual outpatient care for children, adolescents, and adults is available through our outpatient service center Gather Behavioral Health. At Gather, we provide individual, family, and group services in a gender-diverse and inclusive environment.

Is virtual eating disorder treatment as good as in-person treatment?

Yes, virtual outpatient treatment at Veritas Collaborative is designed to be highly effective. Veritas Collaborative maintains the same high standards of care in our virtual treatment services as in our in-person offerings. We prioritize your well-being and recovery. Our experienced healthcare professionals provide personalized care and support, ensuring positive outcomes for individuals seeking treatment online.

Is virtual outpatient treatment suitable for all ages?

Virtual outpatient treatment for eating disorders is suitable for individuals of various age groups. Veritas Collaborative offers specialized programs tailored to the unique needs of children, adolescents, and adults.

What technology do I need for virtual eating disorder treatment?

To participate in virtual outpatient treatment at Veritas Collaborative, you’ll need a computer or smartphone with internet access and a camera. Our team will guide you through any technical requirements. Should you have technology troubles (e.g., internet access), we can provide internet access for you on-site at one of our eating disorder treatment centers so that you can participate in virtual treatment.

Is my personal information kept confidential during virtual outpatient treatment?

Absolutely. Veritas Collaborative adheres to strict confidentiality standards to protect your personal information during virtual treatment sessions.

Locations Providing Virtual Outpatient Treatment