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What to Expect When You Refer a Patient to Veritas Collaborative

Thank you for considering Veritas Collaborative as the next step for your patient’s care. We gladly accept referrals from primary care providers, therapists, dietitians, psychiatrists, and many other types of providers. Our Intake & Admissions team can receive referral information over the phone and help answer any questions you or your patient may have about treatment and getting started. We can be contacted by calling (855) 875-5812 and selecting the admissions option, or by email at

Contacting Intake & Admissions: Although not required, we do appreciate receiving referrals via phone. One of the members of our Intake team will take your name and information, any patient information you are able to share, and answer any questions about the services we provide. We are happy to consult on any cases where you may be unsure of whether the patient needs treatment or if they would be appropriate for our programs. Patients and families are also encouraged to reach out to the Intake department directly.

Patient/Family Completes Intake Forms:  To start the application process, a patient or their parent/guardian completes a Preliminary Assessment Form. This is a questionnaire that will inquire about the patient’s demographics, symptoms, treatment history, etc. The Intake team, along with the Medical Director, reviews this information to determine the appropriate level of care for the patient. We also request an Insurance Information form to check benefits, coverage, and review costs, as well as a Release of Information for each provider treating the patient. Receiving a release form is vital for our Center Intake Coordinators to be able to communicate with those who are referring and currently providing care. These forms can all be found here, and are submitted online directly to Admissions.

*If access to complete forms online is limited, copies of all forms can be requested by contacting Admissions.

Information Gathering & Medical Assessment: The Center Intake Coordinator assigned to each patient’s case will contact the treating team to gather additional information if needed, and to pass along our medical assessment requirements. Records may be requested along with medical notes and results. These can be submitted via fax to (919)797-1252 or via email to

Admitting to Treatment: The Intake team will coordinate admission once all center and medical information has been received and approved by our Medical Director. We will work with the patient and family to schedule the admission and help them prepare for admission day and beyond.  While we do our best to keep referring providers up to date on admission status, we aim to move quickly and welcome any providers to call and request an update from the Intake Team.

During Treatment and Completion: If there is a Release of Information form on file for a referring provider, they will receive a notification of admission.  If the patient or parent/guardian approves, you will also receive weekly center updates from your patient’s Veritas treatment team. As discharge approaches, our Case Managers assist patients and their families with setting up appointments with the outpatient team they are returning to, or help them to initiate services with an outpatient eating disorder specialist team if needed.