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Top 6 Reasons to Attend The Veritas Collaborative Symposium (There are many more!)

It’s never too early to register for our 8th Annual Veritas Collaborative Symposium on Eating Disorders!

 Sep 20th-21st, 2019

In your career, you are faced with many difficult challenges, but the rewards are meaningful and include the chance to save lives. Any additional knowledge or new techniques you acquire can take you steps closer to achieving this higher purpose. At Veritas Collaborative, we envision a world where persons with eating disorders and their families and communities have access to best-practice care and hold hope for a cure. That’s why we have put together this exceptional event with the unique opportunity to meet and learn from top experts in the field and the chance to join our community of providers, who are all working toward the same goals.

Here is a sample of what you’ll experience at this year’s Symposium:

1. Meet World-Class Speakers

You’re going to learn from the very best. Our incredible lineup of thought-leaders in the eating disorder community are ready to share their key learnings and unveil critical insights to help further your practice.

  • The first day’s keynotes will include a presentation from Janet Schebendach, Ph.D., a registered dietitian with over 20 years of center and research experience in the treatment of eating disorders.  She will be speaking on “Evidence-based Guidelines: How Research Informs Center Practice in Nutrition.”
  • Kerri Boutelle, Ph.D., will be delivering a keynote titled “Treating Binge Eating and Overeating; Best Practices and Novel Methods.” Dr. Boutelle is a Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at UC San Diego, and has specialized in studying and treating eating disorders since 1992.
  • Professional MLB Player and NEDA Ambassador Mike Marjama will be joining us to give his talk “Unmasked: A Different Take on Disordered Eating.” Marjama developed an eating disorder as a teen that eventually led to inpatient treatment, and now speaks out on his personal experience with an eating disorder to educate and inspire others.

These are just a few of the amazing multidisciplinary speakers we have gathered in one place to strengthen best practices for eating disorder treatment.

2. Attain Critical Content

You’ll learn from the experience of others about the latest treatment modalities and interventions for all types of eating disorders.

  • Receive first-hand accounts of patient variables that can alter long-term risk for poor outcomes of anorexia and bulimia nervosa.
  • Discover ways a coach can play a role in the identification of eating disorders among athletes and also how they can play a part in the recovery process.
  • Learn to identify the different types of Dialectical Behavior Therapy available for clients and determine which is most effective for each diagnosis.
  • Find out about at least three interventions for patients with co-morbid obsessive-compulsive disorder and eating disorders.

These topics and more will be covered in the different sessions. Meet with these thought-leaders in person to ask questions and share ideas.

3. Earn Credit

The best part about coming to an elite Symposium and taking away learnings that will further your career and the care of your patients? You’ll get credit!

Not only can you focus on topics of interest and of relevance to you, you’ll also earn over a years worth of CEUs at this event. This program provides up to 12 continuing education credits. Being a provider means a lifetime of learning as more research continues to inform best-practice treatment. Get ready to attain deeper knowledge in the areas that will have the greatest impact for you and your patients.

4. Make Trusted Connections

In addition to learning from our award-winning presenters, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet and exchange information with other healthcare providers working directly with individuals struggling with eating disorders. Think of it like the ultimate crowdsourcing opportunity in the eating disorder community! The collaborative nature of eating disorder treatment makes this event the perfect place to form trusted relationships with other experts in the field.

5. Get Inspired

Surrounded by the best of the best in your field, it will be impossible not to feel inspired by the end of this year’s Symposium. You’ll take away more than just expert insights and new ideas in treatment, you’ll retain your connections within our collaborative community and continue to share learnings. You will go away with innovative approaches and proven best practices in eating disorder care to bring back to your community and enrich the lives of your patients.

6. Have Fun!

From amazing accommodations and meals, to afternoon tours of the Child & Adolescent Hospital in Atlanta, you will find an abundance of activities. When you are not enjoying a keynote or learning important new insights about eating disorders at the breakout sessions, take a few minutes (or hours) to enjoy your surroundings. The Westin Atlanta Perimeter North, located on a private lake, offers a tranquil escape from city life. For guests wanting more excitement, entertainment, and attractions including the Georgia Aquarium are just a short distance away.

What are you waiting for? Register for the 8th Annual Veritas Collaborative Symposium today! You and your patients are worth the investment!