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Voices of Veritas: Rashida Price, MSW

Rashida Price is one of the many every-day-heroes so often found roaming the hallways of Veritas Collaborative Adult Hospital in Durham, N.C. As the facility’s case manager, Rashida works tirelessly to ensure patients receive the resources they need from a friendly face throughout their recovery journey.

Now a proud aunt of two nieces and one nephew, Rashida was born in Jamaica, raised in Trinidad, and immigrated to the U.S. in the early 90s with her family. After spending time in Massachusetts earning her Master’s Degree in Social Work, Rashida gained valuable experience in mental healthcare settings. She then moved to North Carolina and is excited to mark her sixth year as part of the Veritas team in May. Rashida first started at Veritas as part of the frontline staff and worked her way into the Case Manager & Education/Vocation Specialist role she currently holds. She credits a “teamwork makes the dreamwork” attitude, laser focus on customer service, and a strong dose of professionalism as her catalysts. But that’s not why she comes to work every day.

When asked about her daily motivation, Rashida says, “Making a difference in the lives of patients is always the primary reason for the work we do, but they’re also making a difference in mine. I see the hard work they put in and the sacrifices they make on a daily basis to recover and get well – and it’s inspiring. I learn from them every day.”

As patients begin to thrive, so does Rashida. She works diligently with the admissions team to engage new patients, monitor established ones, and provide all patients with the detailed information and resources they need as they work toward recovery.

“Patients need to have access to the resources that assist them in this phase of life. Sometimes that’s information on housing options, sometimes that’s working with their treatment team, and sometimes that’s creating seamless transitions,” says Rashida. “No matter the issue, we must work with compassion, and we can’t work alone.”

It’s apparent to all she interacts with that Rashida takes pride in her work, loves her patients well, and goes the extra mile for those entrusted to her care. That’s because she understands the significance of her work.

“We all have a role to play as we help patients recover,” says Price. “We are one team, and I love that we work together to achieve one common goal.”